Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Do Rays Sting?

Rays have a spine that stings fish, and some have electricity in their bodies. The stinging spine looks like a sword with teeth. But if the sword was a feather, then the soft parts would be the teeth.

Source: http://answers.askkids.com/Nature/what_does_a_stingray_barb_look_like

Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Is a Canyon Called a Canyon?

We were walking in Rock Canyon and I wanted to know why it's called a canyon.

It's called a canyon because it's a Spanish word that means a tube or pipe.

How Do Mountains Make Coal?

I saw a train carrying coal, and they got it from the mountain. I wanted to know how mountains make coal.

First there's plants that grow. So they die and then they collect in the water. Then dirt and sand buries them. It takes a long time until a mountain gets there. Then it turns into coal.

Coal is very very old. I did not know that coal has ages. It's a billion years old.